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Retail Mind Real Estate is specialised in real estate investment.

With a multidisciplinary approach that offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of its clients, whether they are companies, investment funds, family offices or private individuals. Our services include identifying and verifying the best investment opportunities, business counselling, brokerage and asset management.

Matching investment solutions in Retail, Hospitality and Logistics.

We are proud to be the result of several years’ experience in the property, retail, industrial and logistics markets. We combine this know-how with a professional, bold and entrepreneurial team with a unique ability to materialise projects.

Tackling each project with the certainty of a tailor-made solution.

We are present throughout the Iberian Peninsula, especially in mainland Portugal and the islands, operating in the retail, hotel, industrial, logistics and office sectors. Our accelerated growth is based on the technical rigour that goes into each project, combined with the innovative solutions we find to satisfy the high ambitions of our demanding clients, but also on personalised services and the quality of our products.

High Street - Retail



High Street – Retail

Since retail is in our company’s DNA, we look for the best alternatives for our clients. From city centre shops to stand-alone models, we present a range of opportunities to meet our customers’ expectations.

  • Analysing the best streets and locations according to each client’s specific needs;
  • Advice on property transactions;
  • Finding the ideal location for your business.


Given the strong growth in tourism in Portugal in recent years, hotel transactions continue to be a reality and a strong area for investment. Retail Mind’s portfolio of opportunities includes a variety of alternatives to suit different types of investors.

  • Advise on the sale of property;
  • Search for operators;
  • Procure opportunities according to our clients’ needs.


Due to the growing need for proximity and physical exposure for companies, the search for the ideal location for logistics centres is becoming more and more of a management priority. In this respect, Retail Mind is the ideal partner to accompany the process, whether it be:

  • In the search for the best location, according to our clients’ specific criteria;
  • Technical analysis of the desired sites;
  • Monitoring the entire construction process;
  • Searching for space to rent to the end consumer.

In situations where the market does not respond to specific needs, we look for off-market solutions tailored to our clients.

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