What We Do

Know-How . Passion . Commitment


We are specialists in the expansion, management  and representation of brands, as well as in the development of retail projects. Whether in a shopping centre, street or other commercial model, we seek the best location and solutions for each brand and the best brand for each market and specific context. We differentiate ourselves through monitoring and personalised performance analysis of each activity, outlining different scenarios, calibrating growth strategies and providing the know-how of an experienced and multidisciplinary team.


We offer the best franchise model options, tailored to the business needs and objectives of each client, whether the goal is expanding a settled business and make it even more profitable, or,  to new investors, looking to start their own venture. Our expert team assists in understanding and exploring with top notch management tools ,seizing the best business opportunities in its various dimensions, whether it is strategic planning and setting up a franchise business, adapting it to markets or partnership development and networking.

Retail Projects Development

Our department is specially orientated towards the creation of projects, from the research and acquisition of land; the preparation and analysis of the viability of the land for the final project; the development and creation of Retail Parks.


Making strategic decisions based on market analysis allows you to anticipate behavior patterns, market trends and understand the target audience. We develop studies tailored to the needs of each brand and/or company in order to achieve the pre-defined objectives for each market/sector.


Retail Mind guides its customers to the best and most appropriate financial solutions to their projects, identifying various sources of capital, such as Joint Ventures, investment funds, banking, among others.


We provide advice on M&A processes, providing a comprehensive analysis of the business, identifying risks and opportunities and guiding the parties to the best economic, financial, legal and operational outcome of the various operations in which we are involved.


The growth and expansion of brands often go through testing the product/concept in multi-brand stores and therefore we can present your brand and/or business to reference companies in the distribution sector in different countries. From the same perspective, we can support companies in finding the best supplier/manufacturer of their product and/or brand.

What We Do - Retail Mind Group